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Israeli carpet company to invest in US amid Iran sanctions

A carpet company in Israel is to invest more than $1 billion in a US carpet manufacturing and distribution facility, the Israeli economy ministry said Wednesday.The investment comes as the US administration faces pressure from its allies in Europe to ease sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

Why does carpet keep drying up?

I love my carpet.But what does that mean for me and my family?The answer, I’ve learned, is not just the quality of my carpet, but the cost to keep it.If you’re a carpet company, that could be a big issue.I’ve talked to people who live in apartments where they pay up to $10,000 for their…

How to clean carpet, carpet companies, and carpet cleaners

A few months ago, I was walking down the street and saw an Amazon carpet cleaner that was selling for $14.99 and was just $2.49 at Walmart.The cleaner was not in stock, so I picked up it for $5.99.The next day I checked out the company and the cleaning services, and the price had dropped…

How to avoid a carpet beetle bite

A carpet beetle can cause serious damage to your carpet, but if you are aware of how to spot the bug, you can avoid a lot of damage.1.Spot the bug in the ground2.Get out your carpet cleaning product3.Inspect your carpet for insect bites.4.Keep your carpet clean and dry.5.Apply carpet cleaning products only after cleaning your…

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