The ‘Berber carpet’ of the world: The world’s largest carpet of silk, wool and cotton, estimated to be 1,300 meters long by 5,000 meters wide by 50 meters deep

In China, the world’s biggest carpet is said to be at a museum in Beijing’s central business district.And in this article, we look at the world as a whole.The world as seen from a Chinese designer’s point of viewIt’s called the “Berber rug” by some, and it’s a giant silk and cotton rug made by…

Published by admin inSeptember 17, 2021

In China, the world’s biggest carpet is said to be at a museum in Beijing’s central business district.

And in this article, we look at the world as a whole.

The world as seen from a Chinese designer’s point of viewIt’s called the “Berber rug” by some, and it’s a giant silk and cotton rug made by Chinese designers in the 19th century, a time when silk and wool were in a slump, and the economy was in decline.

It’s said to have been built on a river called the Dao in the middle of the Forbidden City.

Its dimensions are estimated at over 5,500 meters long, and its width is 50 meters.

In China today, it’s known as the “China silk carpet” because the fabric is made from silk, and was once woven into clothes for export to the United States.

The Chinese rug is now known as one of the most expensive and rare items in the world, and one of its designers, Guo Jun, is best known for his work on the carpet in the film “The World.”

The rug, which he designed to resemble the rug of the future, is thought to be the most beautiful carpet in history.

It’s also made from cotton, which means that the rug has a softness and flexibility that it wouldn’t have otherwise.

Its durability is said even by some Chinese designers to be exceptional, and that’s because cotton has an extremely long life span.

The cotton fiber has a natural ability to soften and break down over time.

The carpet has also been described as having the “taste of the desert” by one Chinese designer who visited the museum and spent an entire day walking around with it.

It has the texture of a cotton napkin, with a “flesh-like” texture, and has the smell of cotton fibers.

The rug is so hard and so soft that it could easily be used for a wedding cake, and many people in China have taken to wearing it as a wedding gift.

The rug has also won the right to be placed in the “world’s most beautiful collection of art” by the New York City-based Art Basel.

The collection includes over 50,000 objects and is thought of as the largest collection of cultural works in the United Kingdom.

In the last decade, the carpet has been on the market in China for several years, and several Chinese designers have also been working on it.

Many of these designers, including Guo, have since left the country.

The story of the Berber rug, as told by Guo’s son, Zhang Ye, is fascinating.

When the rug was first made, it was made of the silk fiber that had been used in the weaving of the woollen cloth of the time.

The fiber was dyed red, and after it was dried, it had the softness of cotton, making it very hard and flexible.

As a result, it could be used as a rug, a carpet, a table cloth, or even as a decorative material.

It was a great material to make the rug, and when the textile industry collapsed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it fell into the hands of a few people who were still making carpets.

In a new interview with The Verge, Gu, who is now working as a designer in the West, says he was in Beijing in 1989 when he saw the “fabric” being made for sale on the street.

He then went back to his hometown of Nanjing and went back into his father’s workshop, where he built and sold the rug for a long time.

Guo says he worked in his father the entire time, and he never left the workshop.

“I worked on the silk, but I also worked on weaving the cotton fabric into the rug,” he told the Verge.

“That was my job.”

He says the rug is made of cotton from the Dui river, the only source of cotton in China.

The silk was also grown in Nanjing.

Guo says that the silk had to be washed down the river because it was drying out and the cotton was turning brown.

After washing down the silk river, it then was rolled and dried, which was a very difficult process for someone who didn’t know how to sew.

It took Guo almost 30 years to make it.

Guos mother died in 1999, and his father died in 2002.

The son says his father had a very strict approach to sewing and fabric.

“He was very strict about it,” he says.

“But I was a little bit more lax.”

Guo’s grandfather was the head of the weaving and fabric department at the weaving company, and Guo said his father always gave him the instructions on how to weave the fabrics.

“We were very close,” he recalls.

“My father was the one who

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